Four Reasons for Why You Should Live in Narlıdere District in Izmir

Narlıdere, due its location, allows you to escape from the city traffic, and be close to all main locations. Narlıdere, getting its name from the pomegranate gardens once surrounding the district, is waiting for the investors! A few information about Narlıdere, which is considered as the best district to live;

1) In nature, one of the cleanest and elite districts of Izmir;
Leaning on Çatalkaya Mountain and surrounded by the deep blue waters of Izmir, Narlıdere is the oxygen tank of the city with its pine forests. Narlıdere also faces the cleanest waters along the İzmir coastline.

2) Located in the center of Izmir’s districts;
Narlıdere, due to its location, is in the center of Balçova, Güzelbahçe, and Menderes districts. The district is gradually developing with the recent real estate investments, and it is one of the ideal neighborhoods to live in Izmir with its organized urbanization and real estate opportunities.

3) The most organized urbanization with real estate investments;
Narlıdere is one of the most organized districts in Izmir with the real estate investments and new projects. Narlıdere, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of İzmir, is a rare district where you can enjoy both the nature and city life.

4) On the metro line;
As of 2018, the construction of the new metro line reaching to Narlıdere has started. The groundbreaking ceremony of the metro line in the direction of F.Altay and Narlıdere was held on June 6, 2018. Do not miss the real estate opportunities in Narlıdere, which will be trending with its ease of transportation and location.

5) Adopted urbanization while protecting the cultural texture
Overpopulation and alienation, which are the biggest problems in other İzmir districts, is not observed in Narlıdere. Narlıdere, displaying a stable and quality improvement with organized urbanization and recent real estate investments, also protects its social, cultural and especially the historical identity.

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