Five Plants You Can Grow at Your Balcony in Izmir

Would you like to enjoy your Turkish coffee at your balcony enjoying the bright sun of Izmir and a gentle summer breeze during summer time? Izmir, with its organized urbanization and growth rate, attracts the attention of many investors both in Turkey and from all over the world. You can invest in Izmir not only for the real estate because İzmir is one of the livable cities in Turkey! While you are considering your investment, let us remind you six plants that you can grow in the balcony in Izmir.

1) Osteospermum
Osteospermum will turn your balcony into a carnival float with its blooming white, pink, purple, orange, lilac and yellow flowers! Osteospermum prefers permeable and moist soil specific to the Aegean Region and is not fond of the wind. If you are looking for a plant to grow in your balcony, you can place Osteospermum at the lee of your balcony. Requiring less care compared to the other indoor plants, just place your Osteospermum at a bright place and water daily.

2) Salvia Splendens
Salvia splendens comes forth as one the best plants you can grow in your balcony located in between the deep blue Aegean Sea and green forests. This sun-loving flower will embellish your balcony under the bright Izmir sun. With its bright red flowers resembling the shape of trees, you can convert your balcony into a summer garden with Salvia splendens.

3) Tiny Tim Tomatoes
Don’t you like to have Gevrek, white cheese and red cherry tomatoes for your breakfast. The demand for organic food, which is essential for a healthy life, increases gradually. Especially, the pleasure of eating from a plant you grow is priceless. However, the city life limits our time and space for growing vegetables. If you have a balcony in Izmir, you can place you Tiny Tim Tomatoes at a place in your balcony capturing the sun. You can have tomatoes as red as a berry, filling your balcony with its fresh fragrance and enjoy picking the tomatoes that you grow.

4) Begonia
Begonias do not enjoy cold weather and they are not resistant to direct sun light. Therefore, while begonias are a good choice for balconies, it will be better to place them at inner sides of your balcony. Begonias also love moist soil. It is also important to turn them towards the sun during the day in order for the plant to get a balanced sun light. In optimum conditions, in Izmir, you can have the sweet balcony you long for.

5) Petunia
if you are living in a house that gets lots of sunlight at its balcony in Izmir, petunias are one the best options for your balcony. Petunias, requiring minimum six hours of sunlight during the day, are divided into three categories as large, small and middle-sized flowered. You can use extra fertilizers for your petunias, as they require salt. You can convert your balcony into a Garden of Eden with petunias.

Fiyat, ödeme planı ve detaylı bilgi için formumuzu doldurun sizi arayalım!